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Caleb Hyles has been active as a full-time performer since 2014 and has been proud to be a part of an assortment of projects from Super Bowl commercials to being a guest vocalist on charity events and performing on stages across the U.S. 

With over 1.66 million monthly Spotify listeners; 1.5 millions subscribers on YouTube; and over 100,000 followers across his social media platforms, Caleb's influence has permeated through many forms of online and live entertainment. 


Caleb Hyles Bjorn.jpg

Pencilish Animation Studio

Bjorn The Last Unicorn

A breakthrough role, Caleb Hyles is the lead voice for Pencilish Animation Studio's Bjorn The Last Unicorn set to premiere in 2022. Headed by animation giant and director, Tom Bancroft, Caleb is thrilled to be a part of this upcoming project.

Judge & Jury Records

Future Work Coming

Caleb is currently working on upcoming projects with this quickly growing label. Under the guidance of Grammy-Award winning producer, Howard Benson, and co-founder of Three Days Grace & drummer, Neil Sanderson, along with Caleb's long-time partner in crime, Jonathan Young, more original music will soon follow from this partnership. Stay tuned! 

HERO Caleb Hyles.jpg


Hero by Jeff Williams

Caleb was contacted by Jeff a while back and was scouted for this challenging but exciting opportunity to be featured as a guest soloist for the original track: Hero, featured on RWBY.

Parable TV | Tim Patton

MAX Banking | Super Bowl Spot

An older piece, but a feature spot during the Super Bowl 50, Caleb was hired by Tim Patton of Parable TV to be the voice over for this high-end cinematic spot for MAX Banking. 

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